Older people are increasingly at risk.
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Tonight 20,000 Queenslanders are homeless.
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Over 40% experiencing homelessness are under 25.
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Over 3,500 experiencing homelessness are kids under 12.
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Older people, like Jane, are increasingly at risk…

Jane’s husband, David, recently passed away most unexpectedly*. He was only 59 and had been struggling after having being laid off work. Jane, 58, and David had worked hard their whole lives. Raised a family. Built a home. A life. Then it was all gone. It only took missing a few loan repayments and now Jane is about to become homeless.
Jane did not know how things had changed so dramatically, so quickly. She worked part time in between raising their three children. Her daughter, now divorced, was living interstate with her grandchildren. Her sons overseas. They visited when they could, which was not often. Jane did not want them to know how alone and struggling she was now David was gone. They had their own problems. Better to put on a brave face.

About homelessness

Unfortunately Jane’s story is not unique. Tonight, 20,000 Queenslanders are homeless. Nearly half are women. As our population is ageing new trends are emerging. Older people, particularly women are increasingly becoming homeless. Many do not have sufficient superannuation to fund retirement. Whilst some may have a roof, many do not have a secure or safe home. Often finding themselves in and out of temporary shelter, staying with family or friends, or sleeping in cars. Most are not homeless by choice. It is their only option. Often they are hidden. Many more are simply lonely.

Christmas can be one of the loneliest days of the year.
It’s amazing what a simple cuppa, bite to eat, and a chat can do…
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What we do

Whilst many organisations provide a food feast, the real human need is the need for friendship and unconditional acceptance. Through the joy of friendship Rosies’ volunteers aim to do just that, acknowledging human dignity and inspire an increased self-reliance. We also connect with services or support agencies to support those most marginalised in our community.

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Our nine branches across the state, will host Christmas parties for all of our friends in need in their local communities. Your kind donation of gifts and other items will help. Please look out for specific branch details to be posted on our Facebook page.

Plus, read about some of our recent activities in our enclosed Summer 2015/16 newsletter. Rosies recently relocated our Cairns and Brisbane street van outreaches. More are needed.
You make a difference

Your donation, large or small, will enable our volunteers to bring the spirit of hope and friendship to some of the most vulnerable in our communities – like Jane – this Christmas. A regular monthly gift will also enable us the flexibility to plan for our future and respond to unexpected needs.

Your support makes a difference to real people, real stories.
It’s amazing what a simple cuppa, bite to eat, and a chat can do.

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Hold your own event…share a cuppa or bite to eat with family, friends and colleagues, have a chat to raise awareness, and fundraise for Rosies or donate now!

*To protect the privacy of our friends that Rosies supports, names may have been changed, stories summarised, and pictorial models used.

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