About Rosies

5.6 million Australians, that is one in four of us, are lonely almost all of the time or on a regular basis.*

66% seek friendship as a remedy to loneliness.*

Rosies reaches out to those most in need, those people who are lonely, abandoned, and marginalised within our communities.

Whilst many organisations are increasingly providing awareness, support, and referral, the greater human need is the need for friendship and unconditional acceptance during difficult times. Our wonderful Rosies volunteers aim to do just that, providing a community of belonging that is always there.

Over 95% of our work is funded through kind donations from our local community.

Source: The Australian Red Cross has found, October 2017


Rosies friends on the street

Sharing Friendship creates Belonging

Daring to reach out Together

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Rosies – Friends on the Street  
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