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2017 Voyage a Paris

The Red Rose Fund in Toowoomba is raising funds for Rosies via the Webster Cavanagh Gala Bid which is now live. You can bid on the Auction items from the comfort of your own home. For live auction items, which is set to take place on Friday, June 16th at the Red Rose Fund’s 2017 Gala Ball ‘Voyage a Paris’ see their website. Thank you to all the generous businesses that are supporting Rosies and our many friends on the street.

The Red Rose Fund Inc. announced ‘Rosies – Friends on the Street’ as their recipient charity for 2017.

For the last 30 years Rosieshas been providing friendship and a sense of belonging to those who are abandoned, marginalised, socially isolated or simply lonely. With 1,200 volunteers across Queensland, Rosies supports various initiatives, including weekly outreach programs in Toowoomba.

As the cooler weather sets in, please remember to keep our friends in mind. Your donated items or friendly faces are always welcome to help them through this period. #redrosefund

Rosies National Newsletter Winter 2017

The Rosies Newsletter is out now and available for download – click here for your copy!

In this edition…
we invite you to read what a night out with Rosies looks like. We also bring you William’s inspiring story from Cairns. William decided to make a difference with the help of his relatives. We also celebrate family with a happy event from a Rosies couple.

This edition also covers the regular updates from Rosies and across the branches.

A night out with Rosies

We arrive on site and our friends are already waiting for us. We open up the van. Two Team Members stand behind the kitchenette serving coffee, milo, cordial, and cuppa noodle, while the rest of us engage with our patrons. There are many young people tonight. People are in good spirits despite the rain. We spot some of our regulars. They tell us how they have been since we met last. One worries about another who recently lost a parent. Another has not heard about a third one for weeks. Another is undergoing surgery next week; he sounds relieved after longing for it to get done. A last one shares his joy for having a bed tonight.
Suddenly an argument arises between two persons. We notify them we will leave if they keep misbehaving or talking rudely. Other patrons are asking them to calm down. They are apologetic and shake hands. It all settles down and the atmosphere is pleasant again.
Every now and then someone comes to the van and orders a cup of coffee or some noodles. People are very chatty tonight. A couple of musicians, patrons and Rosies volunteers alike, are playing guitar and singing together. Another patron teaches a couple of students, part of the Rosies Student Engagement Program, to juggle. A lovely couple stop by and offer beautiful cupcakes they baked for our patrons. Everyone is relaxed despite the chilling temperature. Some come to us asking for sleeping bags and blankets. We are going through our stock of outreach supplies. It does not stop the fantastic vibe tonight and a dozen people including some Rosies red shirts initiate a touch footy game near the van.
It is getting late and the team needs to pack. We call for a last cuppa. We keep chatting with the remaining patrons and then say goodbye until next time. It is a pleasant night.

After the rain…

Two weeks ago our outreach venue in Beenleigh went under water. The local train station where the Rosies community meet was completely flooded. Patrons and volunteers alike suffered from the weather conditions but remain in good spirits.

The Beenleigh Rosies teams went back on the street as soon as they possibly could. As a matter of fact our wonderful volunteers were outreaching again as soon as last Thursday.

Few of our patrons, among the most regulars, joined the outreach.  Many were unsure we would be back so quickly after the deluge. On Saturday our friends on the street came in large numbers to share a cup of coffee and a bun. Some asked for blankets as the temperatures have cooled down significantly since the floods. Others were looking for toiletries.  Passerbys stopped joined us and mingled with the crowd. A beautiful community!

The local community has been very supportive. A lovely couple baked some beautiful cupcakes to be handed out at our Thursday outreach. People might be going through tough times and appreciate the support they receive from the Rosies family. Some want to show their appreciation by bringing a little bit of sunshine to our outreaches whether it is a smile, a ‘thank you for being here’, or lovely cupcakes.

Thank you Beenleigh for showing such resilience and great love. Happy Easter!

Toowoomba Volunteers Participate in their First Fundraiser

In early April Toowoomba volunteers were offered the opportunity to participate in a fundraising BBQ at the Harvey Norman Centre with the proceeds to be used for the ongoing work of Rosies outreaches. Our Rosies marquee added a carnival atmosphere to the special Car Park sale which was held at the Harvey Norman Shopping Complex.
On the beautiful Autumn day, volunteers enjoyed the experience taking time between cooking and serving the public, to meet and socialise with other volunteers from the various teams. With other major events scheduled for the same day, the opening of the new Grand Central Shopping Complex and the Toowoomba Show, volunteers hard work was rewarded with the total of $740 raised for the work of Rosies. Special thanks to everyone who assisted with the organisation and to those who generously volunteered their time to provide the hot food throughout the day. We have booked another day for early October and look forward to meeting up again and enjoying the day together.
Well done and thank you!

Rosies featured in the Cairns Diocesan News

rosies-friends on the street Cairns branch
L-R Mitch Fitzpatrick, Rick Hauraki, Theresa Redgwell, Christine Alifraco, Three first year dental students, Bri Blackmore, Bill Matthews, Lyall Forde

Rosies Cairns branch features in this year CAIRNS DIOCESAN NEWS EASTER edition (you can read the article below). This year Rosies celebrates its 30th birthday.

Rosies was founded by an Oblate of Mary Immaculate priest (OMI) in the beachside suburb of Melbourne called Rosebud, hence the name Rosies. Throughout  Queensland, we operate in many suburbs and towns, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Mareeba.

Our work is to be friends with those forced to live on the street, the homeless and poor. Here in Cairns we take hot meals and drinks out to them four nights a week. We have 160 volunteers who done night per month in 16 Teams. The volunteers come from all walks of life and this contributes to the Rosies family.

We also have nine high schools that participate as part of our School Engagement Program, these being Cairns State High School, St . Andrew’s Catholic College, Redlynch State College, St Monica’s College, Peace Lutheran College, TAS, St Augustine’s College, AFL Cape York Academy, and St Mary’s Catholic College. These Outreach schools are involved once per month and consist of four Grade 12 students plus a teacher and parents.

Along with our face-to-face outreach volunteers, we have a small army of “back room” supporters who cook hot meals for the volunteers to distribute. We also have a large group who make up sandwiches to cover the four  nights. It is also worth pointing out that for the last few years the Cairns Muslim Community has cooked 90 hot meals per month. Then in the wider community, we have many parish and community members who collect food for us and fundraise to assist our financial commitments.

All our volunteers are required to have a Blue Card and undertake the in-service (Initial Training Course) which is an introduction to our Rosies work in Cairns . The Rosies outreach room is located on the ground floor of Centacare and we are grateful to the Diocese of Cairns for making this available.

Rosies welcomes the Broncos on outreach

Rosies- friends on the street was Broncos charity partner at the last NRL round as part of the Catholic charity’s 30th birthday. A regiment of Rosies volunteers from all over South East Queensland took over Suncorp Stadium on March 24 for the game against the Raiders.

Meanwhile a couple of Broncos players, Tevita Pangai and Gehamat Shibasaki, joined the charity on outreach in Brisbane city.
“It was great to get in there and see what a shift involves for the Rosies volunteers,” said Pangai.
“It’s much more than just offering drinks and snacks. It’s also about friendship and being there for people to chat to.”

Pangai and Gehamat embraced the complete volunteer experience from prebrief to debrief. They helped cleaned and restocked the van after taking part to the outreach.

“The players were willing to help every step of the way and interacted with our patrons effortlessly when we pulled up in the city,” said Sarah Corbett Brisbane Branch Co-ordinator.

“It was really rewarding to see the faces of some of our patrons when they spotted the players operating the coffee and tea machine.”

Rosies at the Broncos

Rosies visited the Broncos this morning.

Broncos help Rosies celebrate 30th Birthday – Broncos

For more than three decades Rosies has been helping those doing it tough so let’s help make their 30th birthday one to remember this Friday night when the Broncos take on the Raiders.

You can help the Broncos support the not-for-profit organisation by simply entering the 50/50 Charity Raffle, which last game saw a lucky fan pocket an incredible $11,800!

Rosies provides friends on the street to help create a sense of belonging for those who are homeless, marginalised, or simply lonely.

This heartfelt service provided to Queensland communities is only possible thanks to more than 1,200 Rosies’ volunteers who give up their time to assist others.

Each month 240 Rosies’ teams hit the streets, the courts as well as youth detention and women’s correctional facilities. By sharing their time, a cuppa, a snack, some basic toiletries and blankets, volunteers help those who are socially isolated feel supported. You never know when life may take a turn for the worse.

Rosies’ volunteers do this by being there, night after night, week after week.

On Friday night 60 of these generous volunteers will be at the Broncos vs Raiders game selling tickets in the 50/50 Charity Raffle so make sure you say hello and buy a ticket to support this great cause.

The lucky winner will walk away with half the total ticket sales – the other half is donated to the Brisbane Broncos Charity Fund and Rosies.

50/50 Ticket Prices

3 tickets for $5
7 tickets for $10
16 tickets for $20
45 tickets for $50.

Best of luck in the draw!

Broncos help Rosies celebrate 30th Birthday

The Broncos have been playing for nearly 30 years and Rosies has been helping Queenslanders doing it tough for 30 years. Rosies Patron, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove has seen first-hand its army of volunteers making a difference on the street and off the street.

Rosies will be raising funds and awareness to support the work of its 1,200 volunteers at the Broncos v Raiders home blockbuster this Friday night at Suncorp Stadium.

Since 1987, yes 30 years, Rosies – Friends on the Street has been sharing friendship and creating a sense of belonging for those who are homeless, marginalised, or simply lonely. Our volunteers share friendship with everyone and anyone without prejudice or discrimination in 11 communities across Queensland.

Each month 240 Rosies teams go out on the street, to the courts, youth detention and women’s correctional facilities. By sharing their time, a cuppa, a snack and some basic toiletries and blankets, Rosies helps those who are socially isolated build self-confidence and feel supported as they strive to improve their lot. You never know when life may take a turn for the worse and when someone finds the need of friendship and support.  Rosies does this by being there, night by night, week by week. There is no off-season for those in need.

Rosies is a not-for-profit mission whose operation is funded 98% by community donations. Over 60 Rosies volunteers will be selling tickets in the 50/50 Charity Raffle this Friday night for this wonderful mission.

One lucky winner will walk away with half the total ticket sales with the other half going to the Brisbane Broncos Charity Fund and Rosies – Friends on the Street.

Rosies National Newsletter Autumn 2017

The Rosies Newsletter is out now and available for download – click here for your copy!

In this edition we continue to celebrate our 30th birthday. Rosies General Manager Andrew offers us a spiritual refresher based on a reflection on the Rosies Prayer.

On the journey we meet with some inspiring figures such as Nicole who raised funds to support Rosies and our many friends on the street with a recipe book she made. We also thank Mrs Pagan in Toowoomba for her amazing support despite living 400 kms from her nearest Rosies branch!

We also put the spotlight on a young team in our youngest outreaches Annerley

Last but not least, we bring you the latest news from our 11 branches across Queensland.

Don’t forget to read about our volunteer and friend’s stories. While you’re at it, why not print out a copy to leave in the lunch room?