How to have a #cuppa4rosies


It is estimated 92% of those who are homeless have a temporary roof – sleeping in cars, over-crowded refuges, hostels, or couch surfing with family or friends – but not a permanent home. Help Rosies bring the gift of ‘presence’, now and in the future…

As Tony’s* story in our Summer 2016 newsletter highlights, rising housing costs and the battle to meet those costs is one of the biggest financial burdens facing many today, especially pensioners. Many are simply not able to meet the costs associated with a basic standard of living and are forced to make tough choices, often compromising their quality of life. Most have given up on what we take for granted with many skipping meals, including Christmas lunch, to pay for medication. This trend is likely to increase. Rosies has started seven new outreaches this financial year, two were added last year, and four the year prior.

Every one of us deserves support in times of need, especially during the festive season. It’s amazing what a simple cuppa, bite to eat, and a chat with a friend can do.

Did you know your donation of just $5 right now will provide a cuppa for a friend? You can also hold your own #cuppa4rosies event with your family, friends, and colleagues too. Have fun, create awareness, and raise funds.

1. Decide your initiative

Check out our ideas for  Getting you started. Make sure you read our Guidelines that include reminders of your responsibilities.

2. Pledge your support

Complete and return your fundraising initiative proposal form to ensure you have a letter of authority before you start. Every initiative must be registered.

3. Hold your initiative

Have fun and spread the word – start your own cuppa4rosies event. Simply follow the  Go Fundraise instructions to set up your page.  Use our  poster/flyer, post social media tiles, and Tips & Tricks on Resources for you page.

4. Return funds/goods

Complete and return your initiative summary form, which includes details for making your donation, and arranging for tax receipts.

5. Tell us your story!

We would love to hear from you to promote and say thanks for your initiative. Send us a photo with your consent form.

To protect the privacy of our friends that Rosies supports, names may have been changed, stories summarised, and pictorial models used.

Get involved

Find out how you can get involved or contact Rosies.