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Many of us assume that homelessness is something that would never happen to us or our families. However, unforeseen accidents, life events, and job loss are all common factors that leave over 20,000 Queenslanders homeless every night. Being without a stable home or income can be an extremely stressful and demoralising experience that may seem insurmountable to many who find themselves in need.

Rosies is there to offer support. You make the difference.



Read about real people, real stories. Find out about our friend Tara and how Rosies made the difference with support from friends, like Dan. Thank you to the Ocean Road Magazine for providing Rosies with permission to use these articles here.

Plus, read more past stories including from Norman and Karl.

Please note, whilst backpack beds feature in these real people, real stories, what Rosies needs varies subject to the greatest needs within individual communities.

You may also want to read Teresa’s story and her beautiful piece of writing. Rosies has dedicated a Tapestry Fund established by her family in her loving memory.

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