Two weeks ago our outreach venue in Beenleigh went under water. The local train station where the Rosies community meet was completely flooded. Patrons and volunteers alike suffered from the weather conditions but remained in good spirits.

The Beenleigh Rosies teams went back on the street as soon as they possibly could. As a matter of fact our wonderful volunteers were outreaching again as soon as last Thursday.

Few of our regular patrons attended the outreach.  Many were unsure we would be back so quickly after the deluge. On Saturday our friends on the street came in large numbers to share a cup of coffee and a bun. Some asked for blankets as the temperatures have cooled down significantly since the floods. Others were looking for toiletries.  Passerbys stopped and joined us and mingled with the crowd. A beautiful community!

The local community has been very supportive. A lovely couple baked some beautiful cupcakes to be handed out at our Thursday outreach. People  going through tough times appreciate the support they receive from the Rosies family. Some want to show their appreciation by bringing a little bit of sunshine to our outreaches whether it is a smile, a ‘thank you for being here’, or lovely cupcakes.

Thank you Beenleigh for showing such resilience and great love. Happy Easter!