A BEAR HUG of appreciation!

By Eunice Winship

William is new to Rosies. He was quiet during his first visit. After his fourth visit, during a scuffle with a couple of patrons, he told one of our volutneers Pat and myself, that if we felt afraid, just raise our hand and he would come to the rescue. How very thoughtful. William is a trained security guard, but due to covid lost his job.  

When we came to closing down for the night, Pat gave William a bag of extra food and he felt so much gratitude for her kind gesture, he spontaneously gave her a really big bear hug, and thanked her for her kindness and couldn’t thank Rosies enough for what Rosies does!

Ted a regular patron, who has been unwell a long while now, wanted a taxi called to take him home. 

As the team waited outside the venue for the taxi, William joined us until the taxi arrived and he helped Ted with his bags, into the taxi.

*This story has been shared with the permission of Pat and William.