Bin Chickens recycle for Rosies - Rosies

Bin Chickens recycle for Rosies

L to R: Will Hoole, Lachlan Edwards, Zane Norfolk, Lyric McInnes

In celebration of our St Eugene Feast Day this year, staff and students at St Eugene’s College ran an awareness raising activity about Rosies, and its rich history and connection with the Oblate tradition. This, along with Ms Horsburgh sharing of her experiences whilst on outreach, has inspired the year three students to be examples of Service in Action, one of the College values.

For the past 6 months, students have been diligently sifting through the bins around campus during their break times collecting poppers, cans, and bottles to recycle and fundraise for Rosies. Even the lids are washed and repurposed to an organisation called Ocean Crusaders who partner with Lids4Kids, making bricks for park benches, bike shelters and garden beds for schools, clubs, and community groups. The group of students who make up this lunchtime club are affectionately known as the ‘Bin Chickens’, and they are on a mission to make a difference.

Will Hoole & Lachlan Edwards sort bottles

“With the support of their teachers the idea has blossomed into a team of children who consistently give up their breaks and own time to collect, rinse and repurpose items. I’m even hearing of collections happening over the weekend.” Mr Alizzi said. The Year Three Teaching Team are very proud of what the students have achieved and credit the initiative to Mr Alizzi and his passion for modelling the way for students.

“Today they added another $48 to their tally what had begun as a target of $100 has now reached $750 and this is growing daily. The students have amazingly collected over 7,500 cans, poppers, and bottles for Rosies, not to mention donated countless lids to Ocean Crusaders.

The ‘Bin Chickens’ are more determined than ever, hoping to raise $1,000 by the end of the year, just in time for the season of giving!