Rosies Christmas on the Street 2015 celebrations brought out some beautiful stories when our communities came together with our many friends. The simply joy of sharing times with those who may otherwise have spent the festive season on their own truly made a huge difference.Thank you to our wonderful extended family community of volunteers, partners, donors, and supporters.
The joy can best be described by one of our recently retired long time volunteers, Paul Cervetto.

“I started with Rosies like most volunteers, out of a sense that I wanted to help out somewhere, somehow.
I wasn’t trying to change the world; I knew I couldn’t change peoples’ lives or their circumstance. What I could do though was make them a coffee, listen to their stories, have a laugh with them, feel their frustrations or sorrows, and then get them another cup of coffee. I don’t know if my going to Rosies for 9 years has made one bit of difference to the wider world. In fact I know it hasn’t. It has, however, made an enormous difference to my world. And I truly believe Rosies will continue to make a difference in the worlds of the people who come to each outreach, volunteers and patrons alike. Simply by being, the place where you, I, and they meet, in the power of Your love and the joy of Your friendship.”

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