An honour to serve

When Barry, the Ipswich Branch Coordinator, first met Elwyn he was assisting a group called Footprints in the Park who put on meals each Wednesday alongside the Rosies outreaches in Queens Park.  He drove a huge with delivery van (with ‘God is Love’ across the front) which was always full of things that were ‘in transit’.  Working with the Salvos he made pick-ups and deliveries all over Brisbane and Ipswich, with occasional runs out into country areas.  Elwyn was the guy to talk to when you wanted anything, from knowing where there might be some accommodation, to where you could get appliances or furniture. 

Over his life Elwyn has had 23 houses which he used to provide support to those suffering from addictions.  His other roles have included Alderman with Ipswich City Council, Treasurer of YUPI, and roles in numerous other community service organisations.  Elwyn is a Life Member of Endeavour Foundation.  He has provided mentoring and support to many people, with one his proudest achievements being helping a person move from drinking meth to becoming a preacher. 

At the age of 78 Elwyn made his last furniture delivery with his off-sider James.  It involved getting a fridge up a flight of stairs.  James was a bit hesitant that it could be done but Elwyn insisted, and they made it. Then it was time to call it quits as far as moving furniture goes. 

In recent times Elwyn has had to slow down, suffering a number of heart attacks.  He now gets around on a mobility scooter but that hasn’t stopped him helping people.  He does, however, come along to multiple Rosies outreaches each week to share a meal, have a cuppa and a chat.  He always has a smile and a kind word for everyone there. However, after a lifetime of service, it really is time for us to provide service to him.