Rosies Chairman John ScobleYour support, and the presence of our wonderful volunteers, is what makes a difference especially over
what is often a very lonely period for many.
I am so pleased to be part of Rosies celebrations providing 30 years of friendship. Last financial year Rosies added two outreach services with seven already added this year.
During 2017, we will take time to recognise our past as well as building our future. We will focus on our sustainability, maintaining low support costs, and the development of further services. Strategically this focus is essential to ensure Rosies can continue to meet the ever-increasing needs of those who need us most, when needed most.
We invite you, and those within your personal circle of influence – your family, friends, colleagues – to celebrate and join us on this journey. Your continued support, large or small, will enable Rosies – on your behalf – to continue to bring the gift of ‘presence’, now and in the future. Thank you . You really make a difference.

John Scoble
Rosies Board Chair

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