Rosies_friends_on_the_streetMaureen [pictured] joined Rosies ten years ago at the very beginning of our Logan Beenleigh branch. She was introduced to Rosies through her parish, which initially held a few meetings to introduce Rosies and its activities in the hope that a new branch would start. Today, Rosies Logan team are pleased to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Maureen was first involved in the Logan street van outreach, and four years ago joined the Beenleigh court support team.
“Although open to all, the court support outreach in Beenleigh is essentially addressed to children and young adults. The youngsters often refer to them as the ‘Woollies or Coles boys’. It is often where they work and where they commit their mischief. As we do on street outreach, we offer coffee, tea, or milo, and a chat.”
Visitors must come through the door to a very narrow room where our volunteers are stationed in the Beenleigh court. Some often have an initial lack of respect until they get to know our court angels. Maureen recalls one particular tall young boy coming through the door and helping himself without acknowledging the volunteers.
“We told him he should say ‘hello’ and politely ask to be looked after. He looked down on us and walked off. He came back later on. It was a bit daunting. This time however, the boy stopped at the door and politely asked to be served another coffee. It is heartbreaking to see the same kids coming again repeatedly; to witness that boy we met a year ago, who has grown up and yet again faces the judge. It is even more difficult to see what the mothers who accompanied them are going through. On the bright side others really turn their lives around.
We occasionally meet some of them who are now helping their ‘brothers’ bounce back with their lives. The court support is different each time. At the street van outreach (in Logan), I constantly meet the same people. It is a little community. The development of the branch over the last ten years has been fantastic. It is amazing to see the support of the community. Now, so many other organisations regularly join us on the street.”
The Friday night street outreach in Logan today resembles a small pop-up village as various services join Rosies to connect with our many friends – from laundry and hairdressing services, to food, and street doctors present.
“I think people appreciate what is done for them. I do what I do simply because I can. People feel the difference. It is amazing what a presence and a few little words can achieve. We too often underestimate the impact of loneliness and social exclusion. People want to be around with someone. To me Rosies is about being approachable, to just be there.”
Thank you Maureen, and all our wonderful volunteers. Your support of Rosies and our many friends makes the difference.