New trial location for Beenleigh - Rosies

New trial location for Beenleigh

In mid-June we began trialling a new location, St George’s Anglican Church Carpark, Beenleigh, for our Wednesday night outreach. The members of the St George community and Rev. Peter Palmer have been very welcoming and have even been assisting us with set up, donations and friendly support. The new location is just a short walk from the Railway station, still making it easily accessible for our patrons. We have access to toilets, it’s well-lit and has a wraparound veranda, which will come in handy in wet weather situations. St George’s also allows the team to store our BBQ, which makes it incredibly convenient and more accessible for any team to use. Recent feedback from volunteers has indicated that set up is much easier and calmer as they can control the flow of Patrons into the space.

The Patrons and Volunteers feel much safer letting the young children run about and enjoy a game or two as the area is fully fenced, providing a safety net from the busy road. Our Patrons are enjoying the new table games we’ve created, and once the weather gets warmer everyone is looking forward to enjoying some lawn games like bowls, croquet or quoits. We are so grateful for the St George Anglican Church community and their support of Rosies.