Well done and a huge thank you to everyone who dared take on the challenge to climb Q1 for Rosies and our many Gold Coast friends on the street. What a monumental effort. Thank you to Active8Change and Skypoint for nominating Rosies as charity of choice. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers making the event so spectacular. Images and more information will be provided on our web and facebook pages.
Our event volunteer coordinator, Victoria De Sisto, led the Rosies team to new heights.

“I reached the top, and I had fun – that was my goal! It gave me enormous personal satisfaction to climb the building and I am so proud of our team effort. We are all even more proud to have climbed for Rosies, raising awareness and much needed funds for those most in need, especially those locals experiencing homelessness. I have been a volunteer with Rosies street outreach on the Gold Coast for over three years. There are lots of little things that remind me why, and of what a huge difference Rosies makes. I hear so many stories from our friends on the street who rely on our outreach – regardless of the challenges or the weather! When you see how grateful our friends are for that simple cup of coffee and a bit of conversation, you know how important it is to be there especially in times of difficulty. And seeing some whose lives turn around for the better is wonderful. When you don’t see a friend but know that it’s because they have found work, a place to live, or are just getting on with their lives independently it’s fantastic. A feeling almost as good as climbing Australia’s tallest building!  Rosies is also a wonderful support community within the volunteers, some have gone through their own tragedies and our extended family really comes together to support one another during these times.”

You can still support climbers and teams with their fundraising efforts online and help smash our record !

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