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Meet Tara

meet Tara – courtesy Ocean Road Magazine

Tara’s story began in Melbourne where she and her partner were battling drug addiction. They moved to the Gold Coast six years ago to start afresh. The relationship with her partner failed and while living on the streets Tara inadvertently found Rosies.

Akin to a sense of being lost and then found, Tara says Rosies gave her hope and courage to find her own direction. Yet it has been an increasingly uphill battle that has seen her endure another relationship break-up, having to put her five children (which include four-year-old twins) into care, and slowly conquering the demons that would draw her back into drug addiction.
“Today, I have a home in government housing and I’m studying for a diploma in Community Services. It’s my goal to one day work as volunteer with Rosies,” says Tara, smiling.

“The study is hard work – I left school at the end of Year 8, but I really enjoy it! It’s part of the bigger picture, and my desire to get my life fully back on track, be completly drug-free and to have my children with me again!

“The effect Rosies, and Wendy, have had on my life is big! I come to the drop-in centre everyday – everyday! And its different at Rosies every day. There different people here to talk to, and different information or resources that all help. They help me with clothing, food, a place to come to for support and so much more and I’m so thankful to Rosies, and especially Wendy. If there is one thing I would ask of the local community  it is to keep donations coming in to help Rosies do what they do so well”.

courtesy Ocean Road Magazine

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Real people, real stories

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