Real People – Tony’s Story

Meet Tony

We were invited to Tony’s graduation after his successful completion of 6 months of rehabilitation at Logan House. The invitation from Tony was his way of thanking Rosies for helping him get his life back. We felt truly humble to be the only ones invited to share this important milestone in his life.

He lived with his addiction to alcohol and drugs for thirty five years. From Rosies, however, he got not just a hot shower and a clean towel, a hot meal and abundant coffee, but people who cared. He accepted the hand offered to him and although he admits there is still a rough road ahead, he is forever grateful for the friendship and kindness received from Rosies.

The day we shared with him at this amazing facility was an experience that we will surely remember. This man was obviously in such a low state and somehow surviving on the streets, but found the strength to change his life. He is extremely funny and quick witted, intelligent and a great conversationalist. To hear his story of surviving in the worst possible living conditions and his continual fight with his own demons and then to see him now is truly inspirational. He was continually reminding us that without Rosies he would have never changed his life. His home was the streets. He received aid from many generous organisations, but it was Rosies that displayed true friendship. It was the kindness and compassion and ears that truly listened that made the difference.

We really are “Friends on the Street”.