Friendship is at the core of Rosies mission. The spiritual heritage of Rosies proposes that friendship is not just a human encounter but also a divine, a spiritual encounter.
The Rosies prayer is an integral part of the outreach process. The prayer is about friendship: friendship among team members, friendship with patrons, friendship in and with God.
While Rosies was founded by and continues to be guided by the Oblates, it is recognised that not everyone shares the Christian faith. The two dimensions of human and divine encounter are not mutually exclusive which is testified daily by the friendships shared by all those in the Rosies family.

The Rosies prayer
O Jesus
this clearly expresses the faith that God is a
person who shares our humanity; individuals
may privately insert their own God or focus
Make our hearts so human
that others may feel at home with us
outreach is firstly a human encounter to which we bring human virtues, particularly respect for the inherent dignity of others and humility in our weakness
(make our hearts) So like Yours,
that others may feel at home with You
the spiritual foundation of Rosies recognises that
the divine is present in each of us, and
recognises that there is a power beyond ours that will transform us and our encounters with others
(make us) So forgetful of self
that we might simply become the place
where you and they meet
expresses our hope that we all share in the ultimate encounter of friendship with God, and that we are instruments of God, of a transcendent goodness
In the power of Your love and the joy of
Your friendship. Amen
this concluding statement acknowledges that
it is God’s power, His gift, that makes possible,
all we have and share.

Andrew O’Brien
Rosies General Manger