In 2016 Rosies started outreaching in Annerley, south of Brisbane City, on Tuesday morning and evening. A group of friends, Hamish, Dan, Nicole, and Nicholas represent the new generation of volunteers joining
the Rosies family in Annerley. They offer their time while studying.

Dan remembers an encounter with a patron who had just found out about Rosies. She was celebrating her first Christmas in Brisbane after fleeing Bangladesh with her son. “Her story of seeking refuge in Australia was fascinating, and to me highlighted that every patron has a story to share, whether they’ve lived in Brisbane their entire life, or have recently arrived on our shores. The fact that they have come to Rosies means that life hasn’t been run of the mill, and I am glad that I have been there while they share their stories.”
“So far, the experience has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect it to be as easy to engage with patrons as it has been, but it has been so enjoyable and rewarding talking to people from different walks of life.”

Nicole has been moved by the optimistic behaviour most people tend to adopt despite circumstances in life. “The majority of people that I have encountered are really friendly and optimistic, which I find quite uplifting, and always eager for a cup of coffee/ tea (and maybe a biscuit/ chocolate, or two).