St Rita’s students find their own cup filled by Rosies experience

by Erica Qureshi

St Rita’s students and Erica before joining the Rosies team on outreach

At Rosies, sharing friendship and social connection with everybody is our core mission. Our friends on the street love that our focus is to ensure a safe and welcoming space for all to visit. We are very lucky to have our School Engagement Program (SEP) which allows opportunities for year 12 students supervised by their teacher to join an outreach team out on the street.

Thank you to teacher Erica Qureshi for sharing with us about St Rita’s recent outreach experience with Rosies.

St Rita’s students on outreach

“At St Rita’s we emphasize six Gospel values that are also evidenced in the lives of our two patrons – St Rita of Cascia and Nano Nagle.  These pillars are Simplicity, Compassion, Justice, Hospitality, Hope and Courage.  Our experience of Rosies has highlighted to our staff and students the actions around each of these words as we seek ways to be each of these things to those who we offer friendship to.  One act of Hospitality and Compassion in particular is that each staff member and student who attends a Rosies street outreach brings with them something to restock the Rosies’ pantry – for example, coffee, tea, biscuits and other treats.  This act is also an act of gratitude as our students’ often comment that their outreach has been mutual – that their “cup has been filled by the experience” just as it is the hope to fill the cup of others.”