Summer 2019

CABOOLTURE As we prepare for graduation, we reflect on our time at school and the activities that have shaped the men and women that we have become.

Our involvement in Rosies has opened our eyes and made us more aware of how a simple conversation with someone can change their entire day for the better. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved in such an amazingly selfless initiative.

Through our involvement in Rosies we have obtained so many valuable life skills, we have furthered our confidence in ourselves as well as our ability to forge new friendships with many people. We will never forget the nights that we spent simply chatting with the patrons, listening and hearing their stories and making them feel valued.

We would like to thank the Rosies volunteers for the endless amount of support and kindness that was given to us during our time at Rosies, we have really appreciated it. We have a great admiration for the work done by all of the volunteers.
With many thanks,  The 2019 St Eugene College Senior Rosies Team .