Volunteer Blanket Drive

Paul collecting blankets

It’s not uncommon for Rosies volunteers to go the extra mile. They often pop an extra packet of biscuits in the trolley and bring them along to the next outreach, encourage their friends and family to donate, or convince their workplace to organise a goods drive.

Paul from Brisbane City Wednesday Night Team C has done just that, he’s activated his workplace, soccer mates and even the State Member for Ipswich to get involved with a blanket drive.  

I was walking to my city office one chilly morning, and I saw so many people on the streets shivering without blankets,” Paul said.  

He continued, “I was also noticing that when I went on outreach, I had many requests for blankets but sadly had to tell our vulnerable patrons we didn’t have any to give out. I wanted to help change that.”  

Patron, Barry, Paul & Jennifer Howard MP on outreach

Paul spoke to his office in the city about acting as a collection point and putting up some posters about how staff could assist people in need through Rosies. He also rallied his soccer mates and State Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard, “I live in Ipswich and know Jen through my Labour party activities and when she heard about the blanket drive she wanted to get involved.”  

Minister Howard met Paul and Ipswich Branch Coordinator Barry Reinecker on outreach to help distribute some of the items that had been collected and turned her office into a collection point for the community.  

Paul’s “little” blanket drive was gaining momentum and River 94.9 reached out to interview him about his efforts and what he was seeing on the street. “It was great to chat to Toni from 94.9 and let the community know how they could get behind Rosies. Blankets, donations everything helps our friends in need.”  

Paul laughing with patrons in Ipswich

In just over 4 weeks Paul has collected 150 blankets for our patrons in Ipswich and Brisbane City.

“I feel this activity has not only greatly assisted blanket stocks at Rosies and helped keep our beautiful friends on the streets warm on the cold winter nights, but it has also greatly increased awareness of Rosies,” Paul said.

We are so grateful for Paul and for everyone who helped out with the blanket drive.

If you’d like more information on how you can help, please click here.