What we do

Rosies reaches out to those most in need, those people who are homeless, at risk, or socially isolated within our communities.

  • On The Street Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of 4 hours once a month to outreach. Each volunteer is assigned to a team and each team goes out on to the street once a month. The location is always the same so that our patrons,  know where we will be and when.
    1. The team meets at the branch base at the designated time and over the course of an hour they catch up with each other to develop the sense of community and family that we take on to the street.
    2. They prepare the van, share relevant information and review recent street reports so they know what has been happening on the street.
    3. The Team Leader conducts a simple reflection with the team and leads the Rosies prayer, then the team travels to the outreach location together in the Rosies van.
    4. The team spends two hours on the street sharing friendship with a simple drink and a bite to eat.
    5. After two hours the outreach is concluded and the team travels back to base together in the Rosies van.
    6. The team, unpacks, cleans up and has a debrief before leaving for home.

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  • Youth Detention Centre – YDC Not Currently Opertating
    1. YDC volunteers undergo special training for the YDC.
    2. Volunteers are placed in a team and each team attends the YDC once a month (Tuesday evening or Saturday morning).
    3. Teams meet at the YDC in Wacol and the Team Leader conducts a simple prebrief; catch up, information sharing, Rosies prayer before entering the YDC.
    4. Teams interact with the young people under the supervision of YDC staff for approximately 1.5 hours.
    5. Once finished the Team leader conducts a simple debrief with volunteers before everyone leaves.

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Who we serve

Rosies connects with people in need, who are homeless, at risk, or socially isolated.

Read about real people, real stories. Hear from our friends Tara and Tony on how Rosies made a difference in their lives with support from donors, like Dan. Thank you to the Ocean Road Magazine for providing Rosies with permission to use these articles here. Plus, read more past stories including from Norman and Karl. Please note, whilst backpack beds feature in these real people, real stories, what Rosies needs varies subject to the greatest needs within individual communities. You may also want to read Teresa’s story and her beautiful piece of writing. Rosies has dedicated a Tapestry Fund established by her family in her loving memory.

Our branches

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For an updated outreach list please click on the below link.

Updated Outreach Schedule

Student Engagement

Rosies has a long tradition of youth and student engagement, having been established in 1975 as a youth mission in Melbourne. We continue to engage with youth and students through education, awareness, and volunteer programs, which play a vital role in prevention and support.

Contact us if you think your school can help us help others.

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Students (under 16 years)

Over 1,500 students and teachers from over 70 different schools partner with Rosies to support our Patrons on the Street. Rosies volunteers often visit schools to talk about the Rosies story and share some of their experiences. Schools may then choose to conduct fundraising activities such as a coffee drive or a fundraising BBQ to support our volunteers and our Patrons on the Street.

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High School Students Years 11 & 12

High schools who choose to partner with Rosies are able to provide their students with the Rosies experience, that being a Friend on the Street. Many students with their teachers join our Rosies volunteers on outreach and share the message with their peers back at school. From this experience schools often then choose to conduct fundraising activities to further support Rosies.

Our program is very popular and places are very limited, contact Rosies to register your interest.

Rosies is also the longest serving community organisation at the Gold Coast Schoolies Week. We collaborate with the State Government, and Gold Coast City Council’s, comprehensive safety and support services program to make the week as safe as possible for participants and the local community.

Rosies Friends on the street

Sharing Friendship creates Belonging

Dare to reach out Together

Contact us

Rosies – Friends on the Street
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