Life started out pretty good for the Roberts family*. Kim met Matt on holidays. It was great. Ten years, two kids, and a mortgage later it was not. It happened slowly. First it was the control over finances. Money was tight. Looking ‘good’ became secondary. The emotional abuse started. Matt got another job after his company went bust – half the money. The bills piled up after Christmas. One of the kids got sick. The fights got ugly. They lost the house. Unfortunately the Roberts story is not unique.
Every year an immeasurable number of families have their lives disrupted due to domestic and family violence, which are major reasons for homelessness.
This May is Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month.
Of the 20,000 Queenslanders homeless tonight, almost half are women, and over 40% are aged 25 or under. Women are particularly impacted and are often the ‘hidden’ homeless. Men, who can be equally confused, looking for ways to address their use of violence and destructive patterns are more likely to sleep without shelter. Rosies is there to help with friendship, support, and connection.
It’s amazing what a simple cuppa, bite to eat, and a chat can do. Your donation will make the difference.

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