Trade Tools Helping the Homeless

Teresa & Rhys at our GC North Hub

TradeTools has always been a company whose major focus is supplying Industrial Tools & Equipment to the construction industry – it’s what we know & do best! And as construction has boomed over the last few years TradeTools has, of course, benefitted from this. But we have recently, & as a private family company with a strong conscience, become much more acutely aware that thousands of our fellow Australians have been left behind & adversely affected by these boom conditions. This has resulted in an ever-expanding population of homeless men, women & children, the agony of which is often no fault of their own. This is a tragic issue, all over the news of late & we at TradeTools have decided to try & ease the suffering now being experienced by far too many Australians.

We then asked ourselves what we can do to try & help ease this cruel burden of homelessness?

So, what we have decided is to carve out a percentage of our weekly turnover & hand it directly to recognized charities that are out there housing, feeding & generally tending to this ever growing army of our fellow Australians who are, for whatever reason, homeless.  We will be doing this during the months of May & June & we’ll be choosing a different charity each & every week.

And this isn’t a new issue, but one that has recently become much worse, exacerbated by a massive housing undersupply problem, huge increases in home prices, unfathomable increases in government rates, building approval fees & land taxes, much of which is now being passed on to buyers & tenants alike. All of these interconnecting factors, along with interest rates now returning to more normal levels, are forcing mortgage repayments & rents to spiral upwards. This has created a perfect storm for the already homeless, or soon to be homeless. Nor does it really matter why someone is homeless, & there are many & varied reasons why that is so but, like food & water, secure warm shelter is a necessary requirement for human survival, a primary necessity in order just to live, & therefore something no Australian should be deprived of.

Of course, our governments, both state & federal of all political colours, should be all over this huge & fixable problem, but they obviously can’t, or won’t, otherwise they would have done so long ago. It’s ‘works’, not ‘words’ that matter after all.

So, for the months of May & June, please be aware that whenever you buy tools & equipment from us here at TradeTools, some of that money will be given to various registered homeless charities, all of whom are currently stretched to their limits, all of whom are desperate for funds, all of whom deserve as much help as they can get as the army of those without homes to live & thrive in grows ever bigger by the day.

And for that we at TradeTools say thank you!

Greg Ford

Founder/Director of TradeTools

You can view the video of Rosies cheque presentation here:

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