Mansfield High Fundraiser

By Georgina Dunlop
Senior English Teacher
Rauchle Service Club Co-Ordinator
Mansfield State High School

We love when our Youth Engagement Program (YEP) schools share their unique ideas with us. Ms. Georgina Dunlop from Mansfield High State School recently shared the impact of the annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser with us. 

Students at Mansfield have the opportunity to become part of an organisation called Rauchle.  This is the aspect of the school which oversees fundraising activities. 

Rauchle ran its annual Valentine’s Day chocolate sale this year and it was another bonza success!  Many came to sell chocolates, buy chocolates, eat chocolates.  In ever popular demand, we sold out rapidly and will need to buy more chocolates next year, for sure!  Of greatest significance was the donation of $870.78 to Rosies.  

Rauchle, whilst overseen by staff, is primarily run and organised by students themselves.  It is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds and give back to our communities. This is at the heartbeat of Rauchle and inspires those who join. 

However, it is also much more than this too.  Leadership is a key aspect, as students find the opportunity to lead at certain times of the year.  New students learn from established members, and there is a sense of supporting those who join to step into the shoes of those who will eventually move on to life outside of school.  This offers a warm and nurturing environment within the school; this sense of culture and belonging is invaluable for any student to experience. 

It is uplifting to be a part of Rauchle, and amongst a vibrant energy of young people who want to engage in school activities which does not just yield fundraising monies for great causes but offers the opportunity to be together and in company with each other in positive interactions.  Purpose and relationships are at the heart of our community and supporting young people to lead in this way at school, sets standards and yields rewards for everyone in the community beyond the school gates. 

Fundraising event like this one are vital for Rosies. The support of our school communities ensures that we can keep our vans fully stocked and in the communities where we are needed most.