The Bridge Club: members making a difference

by Carolyn Wilson

Carol (Club Member) is holding the Certificate with Carolyn (Sunshine Coast Coordinator).As a first-time donor to the Sunshine Coast Rosies – Friends on the Street, The Caloundra Bridge Club was overwhelmed with the support from members and the community when Rosies was mentioned as being the recipient of the donation.

The Bridge Club Caloundra very generously donated $3,253 and a basket overbrimming with foods and hygiene products.

The President Bob said the Club has approximately 250 members and the Certificate of Appreciation will acknowledge their donation.

As well as Club members supporting this donation, Carol walked the main street of Caloundra asking for donations and was surprisingly pleased to see the response from our local community.  Carol acknowledged each one of those donors with a thank you card.

Carol recommended The Bridge Club support Rosies as many years ago, she used to chat to a homeless person living in his van when she was walking her dog.

A huge thank you to Carol and The Bridge Club for supporting Rosies. If you would like to find out how your workplace/ community group can support Rosies, click here. There are quite a few ways to support us, and if you had something else in mind, we would love to help you bring that idea to fruition.