A heart as big as the world - Rosies

A heart as big as the world

A reflection by Fr. Joe Antony

One of St. Eugene’s episcopal colleagues Bishop Bertaud of Tulle said, “Go to him, the man himself has a heart as big as the world.”

A heart as big as the world! St. Eugene’s heart deeply felt the distress off any inequality and injustice in society. In order to be a voice for the last, the lost and the least, he renounced his royal upbringing and chose to become a servant during French Revolution.

He later urged his followers, “our ambition will be to encompass in our holy desires the immense breadth of the entire world”. Today, the radiance of St. Eugene’s ‘big heart’ is alive in the hearts of thousands of Oblates and their collaborators in more than sixty-seven countries.

The mission and vision of Rosies and those who make up our community has continued to be the voice of the spirit of St. Eugene that leads and guides us on. On his death bed, he left to his Oblates and collaborators throughout the world a humble spiritual testimony in these words: “Practice among yourselves charity, charity, charity”.

Fr. Joe Antony OMI