Volunteers bring the Word to life - Rosies

Rosies Volunteers bring the Word to life

A reflection by Fr. Joe Antony

What a difference it makes when someone cares for us and what a joy it brings when we care for others.

The one thing that always strikes me and instills a deep self-reflection is when I hear from one of our patrons on outreach, “No one cares for me anymore”.

In my experience, I’ve seen many people suffering unimaginable pain today because they feel that no one cares for them. Many people even feel that there is no one they can trust anymore. Situations and relationships around us can change very rapidly, leaving us perplexed and uncertain about the future.

However, in the midst of all the uncertainties and rejections we face as humans, I have also witnessed the genuine care and love that our Rosies volunteers offer unconditionally. Our volunteer community brings the Word to life as in Psalm 55:22 – “Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you”.

Every patron is assured in the fact that we care for them each time they attend outreach. Often without knowing it our community brings the words of St. Eugene come to life in sharing the sweetness of perfect charity, “encourage each other and build each other up”.

Fr. Joe Antony OMI