A Cheerful Giver

by Eunice Winship

Jasmine, Darren & Peter with their generous donation

We don’t often write stories about our wonderful donors who make it possible for Rosies to provide a service to our patrons, but I would like to introduce our community to Jasmine.

Jasmine is not only a Rosies volunteer and donor she also runs her own meals on wheels and donates pies & pastries on a regular basis.

Whenever the branch is in need of something Jasmine puts her hand up and donates it. She has donated the reversing camera system for our big van which helps us keep volunteers and patrons safe on our way to and from outreach – she is such an amazing person!!

At a recent outreach, I made an offhand comment about needing to replace our microwave oven. Jasmine’s ears perked up and immediately Jasmine put up her hand and said that she would donate one to Rosies.

The following outreach night, Jasmine and her brother Darren arrive with a “brand spanking new” microwave. I couldn’t believe it!

I am so grateful for the generosity of these two siblings. As Jasmine always says, “It’s always good to give. Because the Lord always blesses!”

Jasmine & Darren truly embody the verse from Second Corinthians 9:7 “God loves the cheerful giver.” They are two of the most cheerful givers I have ever met!