Helping Hand in Cairns

by Eunice Winship

As I was leaving the Rosies Hub Saturday night, a gentleman slowly entered the car park with his walker. It was a very warm night and I thought he might be in need of something to eat and a cold drink. It’s our policy not to offer food/drinks etc to anyone walking off the streets into the vicinity of the hub because the area is a shared space and we only operate out of it a few nights a week and we don’t want to encourage people to line up.

The gentleman approached, introduced himself and asked for something to eat. I explained to Ian that we serve all our meals at Barlow Park Centre on Spence Street and he replied, “I’ve just had a hip operation and I can’t go there like this, it’s too far.”

I was unsure what to do, I said a quick prayer asking for wisdom. Ian sensed my hesitation and then pleaded, “Please, I really need something to eat.” I couldn’t leave him standing there in need so I re-opened the hub and brought out an emergency care pack.

We got to talking and I asked Ian where he was sleeping that night to which he replied, “On my back.”

I went back into the Hub and brought out a doona and a warm rug to provide at least some comfort. I asked if I could pray with and for Ian to which he agreed.

Ian couldn’t thank me enough for the work that Rosie’s does and the kindness we had shown to him. 

The next day, I saw Ian parked on the street near to the hub waiting for a care centre bus and I thought he looked a bit brighter after having a more comfortable night’s sleep. While we can’t always help everyone in need – sometimes spending a little extra time with someone can mean so much.