Little Helpers in Cairns

Branch Coordinator Eunice is always looking for ways to teach the young people at her church group about the value of serving others.

Recently this group of “Little Helpers” came to the Rosies hub in Cairns to create some treat bags for our patrons and wrap cutlery for use on outreach. The Little Helpers chatted endlessly through the entire process sharing fellowship and putting lots of love and care into each package.

They worked quickly and happily putting together 40 sweet treat bags with lollies and chocolates, 40 savoury snack bags with chips, pretzels & popcorn, and wrapped over 200 sets of cutlery all in an hour!

The Little Helpers were so pleased with their efforts and to be able to provide a special treat for our patrons. As a gesture of thanks Peter & Eunice provided each helper with a Freddo Show Bag which was unexpected and greatly appreciated by the hardworking group.

Rosies loves getting young people involved whether it be through our SEP program, fundraising, or packing bags – every contribution is important and helps us to provide comfort for our patrons on outreach.