Celebrating Christmas in July with friends

by Carolyn Wilson

“What a huge success the Sunshine Coast Christmas in July event was this year, despite the cooler weather.  Eighty plus people (volunteers, patrons and guests) gathered in Felicity Park who enjoyed the choice of sandwiches, three homemade soups, pizza, donuts, fruit cake and custard.  Santa and his helper dropped in to wish everyone good cheer whilst handing out chocolates.

There were tables overbrimming with non-perishable foods, ladies, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, knitted blankets, scarves, beanies, doonas, pillows, linen, children’s toys, animal Christmas treats, doggie biscuits and hygiene products.  No patron would have gone home empty handed or with an empty belly.

We would not be able to run such an incredible event supporting so many people, without the amazing support from our local communities. Read on to find out who helped us make it happen!!

Michelle and her group of wonderful creators at The Flourish Connection, Beerwah made beautiful Christmas table decorations which were on display at our Christmas in July event and then for our patrons to take home to enjoy at the end of the evening.

A local school teacher Jade, with a heart for helping the homeless, put up a post in the Wurtulla area seeking clothing for the homeless.  This was in good timing for our Christmas in July event.  As you can see from the carload of bags, Jade received a wonderful response from our local community.

And of course, a massive, massive THANK YOU! to the 18 volunteers including our Volunteer and Outreach Manager Jonathon, Fr Joe and Bro Jesington.  The set up in Felicity Park and the packing up at the end of the night was done so smoothly and effortlessly with everyone just working in together.  A great job everyone!!!  It was wonderful to also see the support from our guests who represented Jason Hunt’s office, Roofs to Recovery, Happy Valley Feed, Uniting Community Breakfast, St Vinnies, Lions Club of Caloundra and Enterprise & Training Company Limited.”