“Come then and learn what you are in the eyes of God” – St Eugene de Mazenod - Rosies

Come then and learn what you are in the eyes of God

St Eugene de Mazenod

The “image” of God is as someone who is life giving, loving, compassionate, kind, merciful, forgiving etc.

In my experience, Rosies is the living embodiment of God’s “image”, and so I am compelled to alter the word of St. Eugene to, “come then and experience who you are in the eyes of Rosies”.

I feel blessed that I can be present at all Rosies’ branches which allows me to connect with real people, hear real stories and experience real life.

Having committed ourselves to Rosies’ mission of love and sacrifice; we strive to make our community, a home of service and hospitality, and a blessing for all.

In my view, both the volunteers, the one who offers, and the patrons, the one who receives, are inseparable and in deep communion.

St. Eugene says, “we do not see each other but we hear each other, we are conscious of each other and we become united in the same manner”. It is indeed true.

Though we may not see all of our patrons and volunteers across Australia, we are always connected, we always hear each other, and we are conscious of each other which unites us the one and only mission, “FRIENDSHIP – in and through the EYE of ROSIES”.