More than just milk

Anyone who has ever had a tea, coffee or milo made with long life milk knows the difference that fresh milk can make. Thanks to our friends at Lactalis it’s something that our Brisbane City, Brisbane South and Ipswich patrons rarely have to experience.  

Each week our branches collect milk from the Richland depot for use on outreach, after many years of support the Lactalis site team wanted to do something a little different. It started out with some depot members supplementing the organisations donation from their own weekly two bottle allowance. This act of generosity allowed our volunteers to cater for the increasing numbers we are seeing on the street. 

The team was hungry for other ways to support our work so Paul, Stuart and Karen organised a variety of activities to raise funds: a raffle featuring Broncos tickets and hampers, the sale of meals lovingly handmade by two staff, and a chee  se sale! The team raised an astonishing $2,100 from their fundraising efforts and donated numerous items for our use on outreach.  

 The Lactalis head office was so impressed by the Richlands team activity that they offered to match their donation.  

Longstanding relationships like the one we have with Lactalis are vastly important for the long term sustainability of Rosies. Through goods donations, monetary support, and overall awareness for the issues our patrons face each day; support from orgnaisations like theirs ensure that we can remain present for those who need us most.  

Thank you to the Lactalis team!