Real People – Karl’s Story

Meet Karl

For Karl, the road to homelessness began when the flat he’d lived in for eight years was sold.

Karl had worked as a panel beater, a station hand in Queensland’s west and a professional fisherman operating out of Cape York. When the flat was sold, he was working in a combat clothing factory.

He thought it would only take him a few weeks to find a new place to live, but two and a half years later, Karl was still sleeping rough in an abandoned backyard.

Although Karl had a job, business wasn’t good and Karl’s shifts were reduced to two days a week- not enough to save up for a rental bond. Eventually he was laid off, and that’s when he found Rosies.

Rosies provided Karl with meals and a Backpack Bed – a swag designed for rough sleepers.

After Karl told his story to the media, he found a home with a generous couple who took him and another homeless friend to work on their farm.

Karl was housed and well fed for the first time in years. He was able to save enough money to return to his family in Tasmania, and has since found steady employment.

‘I don’t know where I’d be without Rosies. Any way I can help to spread the good news about how this organisation helps people like me is important to me.’ – Karl