St Augustine’s Ride for Rosies 2023

Mrs Michelle Peut 
Teacher at St Augustine’s College, Cairns

Having attended Rosies on several occasions, my utmost respect goes to the selfless generosity of the little red army that gathers weekly to provide upwards of 80 people with a hot meal and a kind word.  

On each visit, I am struck by the wide variety of people from all walks of life, including the elderly and young children, who are in need. It is also hard to ignore the fact that the need for this type of support is sadly growing.  

Gathering for a meal allows the opportunity for conversation, human contact and a sense of belonging in the community. It strikes me that there has not been a single night when our Saints team has not been thanked warmly and wholeheartedly by patrons. The gratitude for something we take for granted is humbling.  

The food does not fall out of the sky, however, and it was noted by the Rosies team last visit that economic hardship is hitting at every level and donations are becoming harder and harder to source.  

Thankfully, service is alive and well at Saints and an enthusiastic peloton of 34 young men (under the leadership of teacher Mr Chad Elliott) and several staff members signed up to Ride for Rosies at the Smith Park Velodrome on 12 May. 

Each rider sought sponsorship either per lap or by donation with the money going directly to supporting Rosies in Cairns.  It was a great success: the weather was perfect and over 1800 laps were ridde n.  

I thank our Saints family for getting behind these riders and for giving a little extra to help an incredibly worthwhile cause.  Thanks also goes to the teams of four student volunteers for helping with Rosies every two weeks. Their service is making a difference.  


The Rosies team is so grateful for the support of the St Augustine’s College community; your generosity does make a difference to our patrons and volunteers in Cairns.