Sharing the light

By Fr Michael Twigg OMI

One of the very most beautiful rituals within the Easter Ceremonies is the lighting of Candles at the Easter Vigil. They represent the bringing of the light of Jesus to darkness, but they also signify something very important about the candle and candle bearer which I believe has great connection to our Rosies family of patrons, volunteers, supporters, sponsors, Oblates and Board. 

The very beautiful ritual of sharing the light does not come at a cost for the light giver. The single light can be shared multiple times without diminishing its strength at all. It all helps bring light to the darkness. 

I believe that many of the Rosies encounters are like this gifting of light, a source of warmth and energy and this has been the case for the last 35 years in Queensland. For those who believe, this light represents the God-given dignity of each person it is precious, powerful, life-giving and vulnerable all at the same time. For those whose beliefs and spirituality are on a different path, this light might be described as inner-goodness or kindness. Both are very special to Rosies. The great part of these encounters is that they can happen at any time and from anyone. 

Jesus described himself as the “light of the world” and he implored those who are inspired by him and believe in him to also be that light for others. Sometimes our lives might be the only Bible some people might read – what an incredible honour and challenge! 

St Eugene de Mazenod OMI, founder of the Oblates, encouraged everyone not to be a “smoldering wick”. He said there was no room for that within the Oblates, St Eugene wanted people to “burn brightly and give light or get out”. He was passionate about community engagement, belonging, and helping people discover just how loved they are by God. 

On behalf of the Oblates, I wish each and every Rosies family member a joy and hope-filled Easter where blessings come from the very most surprising and wonderful places. 

I sincerely thank every single person who holds Rosies deep in their hearts and prayers. 

Take Care and God Bless 

Fr Michael Twigg OMI