Tiny hobbyist makes an impact

Every decision you make has an impact, either on you or on the people around you. Sunshine Coast native Lily Pollard and her mother Melanie chose to turn their mother/daughter activity of making clay earrings into a way to support local charity, Rosies- Friends on the Street. 

“We started making the earrings together as a nice thing to do but we thought we should turn it into something even better. Lily’s school is a great supporter of Rosies and I used to volunteer in Brisbane City, so it seemed natural to support the branch in Caloundra,” Melanie said.  

Of all the styles that Lily and Melanie make and sell through their Instagram account @lilyp.designs, six-year-old Lily has a few fan favorites, “The love hearts and koalas are my favorites – some of the teachers at my school have even bought some.” 

“I volunteered with Rosies a long time ago but have always remembered the organisation fondly and liked what they stood for and what they did. It’s nice to be able to share that with Lily and make something beautiful as well,” Melanie said.  

She continued, “We have such fun making them and sometimes when she wakes up the first thing she says is ‘mum I had a dream about these colors and these patterns’ – it’s wonderful to see her creativity.” 

“I like making the earrings and giving the money to Rosies because it helps people,” said Lily.  

Rosies CEO Jayne Shallcross was delighted to hear of the support generated from Melanie and Lily’s efforts, “No matter how big or small, everything makes a difference in the life of someone who is struggling and its beautiful to see someone as young as Lily wanting to help. Some people volunteer or donate goods for us to use on outreach. Mel and Lily are making wearable art – everything has an impact.” 

To purchase some of Mel and Lily’s creations please visit their Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/lilyp.designs/