Blankets: help our friends on the street keep warm and safe!

Did you know that Rosies creates belonging for our friends on the street, every single night of the year?

Did you know that you can find the Rosies van in 13 locations throughout the state?

Did you know that every night that the van goes out to visit our friends on the street, we can see anywhere between 5 and 100 friends?

We need your help!

Every night of the year, there are people who have no other option than to sleep rough. A blanket or a sleeping bag can be the difference between our friends catching a cold from being exposed to the night air and feeling safe and protected whilst asleep. Most days, we are still experiencing some really hot weather, but it can be hard to imagine/ remember how cold it can get out in the open overnight without protection.

Are you in a position to run a blanket drive at your school or workplace to help support our friends on the street?

Our friends sleeping rough have very specific needs when it comes to blankets, we recommend either of these two options:

Polar Fleece Throw – Black

Travel Blanket

They are light weight but warm and dry quickly should they get wet. We cannot accept doonas or knitted blankets as these are too heavy and take up too much room in our friends’ backpacks.

If you would like to support Rosies this winter, please get in touch with your local branch coordinator. If you’re unsure who to contact, please give Lara at Head Office a call on 07 3396 4267 or email on [email protected]

Download poster here