Mike & Linda: A Legacy of Connection

Mike and Linda

Mike and Linda today

After more than a decade of service to our friends on the street, Mike and Linda hung up their red shirts and moved south to be closer to family. Although no longer able to volunteer for Rosies, it was important for the couple to stay connected to the organisation that had been such a large part of their lives – leaving a gift in their Will was an easy way to do that.

“Rosies was an important experience for us, and we know that there are ongoing costs like vans, vehicle maintenance, etc to keep it going. In the early days we struggled to get resources for outreach, but we felt like we could help with that. By leaving a gift in our Will we can make sure that Rosies lasts into the future or helps to build a new branch in an area that needs Rosies” Mike said.

Linda, patron, & Mike on outreach

“It was hard to leave Rosies, all the friends we’d made – volunteers and patrons included, and we wanted to give back for all the beautiful things that we received. We wanted to make sure that there was a fund to keep it going. You can’t just go say hello and then walk away – you have to commit, and we want to play a small part in keeping Rosies going as long as possible. We want Rosies to continue long after we are gone” Linda said.

For the couple it was important that the organisation they helped build (the pair helped establish the Logan branch in the early 2000s) was taken care of and after consulting their lawyer they decided to leave a percentage of their estate to Rosies. “One of the things we decided when we wrote the Will was that if we left a certain amount, you don’t really know what that amount will mean when you do pass.

A percentage was a better way to leave our gift and to make sure that it was really worthwhile for Rosies” Mike said. Linda continued, “We have seen firsthand what Rosies can do – it was easy to leave a gift in our Will. The ministry of presence is so rare these days, Rosies provides practical support to our friends on the street and we want them to be able to do so for a long time.”

If you would like more information on making a Gift in your Will, please contact our Engagement Manager Lacee Hennessy Overton on 07 3396 4267 or [email protected].