From student to teacher

by James O’Gorman

Mt Alvernia College team at the Rosies hub after another successful outreach

I first heard of Rosies several years ago when I was a student at Padua College. At the time I didn’t appreciate the chance that the outreach experience offers.

Now, as a third-year teacher at Mount Alvernia College I have been fortunate to accompany students on Rosies outreach this year. These experiences have been eye-opening, rewarding and enriching for not only the students but the staff involved.

The opportunity to be present with our friends on the street has allowed for some of the most extraordinary conversations, realisations, and growth.

After the latest experience, we debriefed with the Rosies team and discussed the importance of human connection. During an outreach, patrons who often feel voiceless, disrespected, or invisible have the opportunity to be heard, respected, and seen. It also provides us the opportunity to be grateful for what we have, empathetic for those in need and mindful that our presence and time have the potential to make a real-world difference.

Whether it’s a gentle smile over a cup of tea, a laugh after a story shared or a pep to their step after a fist bump, both the patrons and students come away better for the interaction. It is in these moments that I have come to appreciate the power of community.

I would like to thank Rosies and all involved for their continued support of students, our friends on the streets and life changing experiences.

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