Nicole is a 16 year old student at Somerset College. Nicole’s school project was aimed at developing her, somewhat lacking but much needed, skill of cooking. She decided that developing a cook book which went beyond toast and cereal would enable her to learn more about food and also learn the pleasure of cooking.

She said her task was to ”collect one recipe representative of each country around the world and then select one country to represent each letter of the alphabet.” She then challenged herself to cook each dish and let her family be the judge of her efforts. “It has been one of the best experiences of my life seeing how food can bring people together, both in happiness and, only very occasionally, in unintended disgust.”

Nicole again extended her task. She said, “I wanted to make an impact on my community with my book so I decided to sell it with the funds going to a charity which reflected my goal of helping others in need.” Nicole had some knowledge of Rosies through her school so did some further research and found that “Rosies sense of humanitarianism stood out from the rest”.

Nicole said, “I am hopeful that giving my time in creating this recipe book and sharing among others heightens the aspect of bringing people together and helping people less fortunate. To make a positive difference in this world is what I had hoped to achieve and through Rosies I was able to do that”.