rosies_prison_visit_outreachLisa and Louise have been volunteering with Rosies’ outreach to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre for over a decade. Here Lisa and Louise give us an inside of their experience.

“The outreach starts with the usual formalities. We first sign in. IDs are checked. We then go through the metal detector before passing the security gates. We are in. We find out who we will visit (that day) according to the recent events, behaviours, and moods.
Most detainees come from dysfunctional families and do not receive any visit, but ours.

There are a number of sections to the centre. Each has about  5 to 12 young detainees. We join the three staff members who are also present in the room. We have never felt unsafe while taking part to this outreach.
Many of these young people are surprised we come to visit them. They make us feel humble, as seeing a friendly face from Rosies can have a big impact on them. Especially when they are told we are volunteers. The simple fact of being there regularly makes a difference.

We often do not realise how much of a positive impact such small things can mean. Just remembering their name, bringing a new card game, a smile, or the simple fact of being here for them makes a difference.”

It is only thanks to our wonderful volunteers, like Lisa and Louise, that Rosies can continue outreaches such as this. You make a difference by getting involved.