Students from the QUT Chapter of The Gold Key International Honour Society joined Rosies as guest volunteers

Students from the  Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  Chapter of The Golden Key International Honour Society joined Rosies on the street as guest volunteers.  One of them, Jamie, shared her ‘amazing experience‘ with us.

It’s great to see how much impact Rosies has by providing something as simple as friendship to those in need.” 

One can never underestimate the power of a cuppa and a chat. Jamie experienced the full Rosies immersion and the richness of the many encounters she made that night. Conversations are diverse near the Rosies van , from amusing to moving; they can be deep or surprising. Our patrons know we genuinely care about the stories they share. We serve our fellow men and women knowing we are neither better nor worse and this camaraderie brings comfort to our friends knowing they belong to our community.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the outreach, but the few hours I spent on the street with the Rosies team were some of the most rewarding hours of my life so far. It was evident that the friendship we were sharing was hugely appreciated by those in need and I felt so humbled to be a part of a much larger movement that was so positively affecting the lives of others. I would urge anyone wanting to volunteer to reach out to Rosies! You won’t regret it.”

The Golden Key International Honour Society  is a worldwide student organisation present in more than 300 universities. The QUT chapter started in 1996. This year students had the opportunity to come to Rosies as guest volunteers.