Sharing friendship one haircut at the time

Jamey-Lee offering her time and talents at the Rosies drop-in centre

Jamey-Lee is a hairdresser and a generous soul. She gives her time and talent to our many friend on the street on the Gold Coast. She comes to our drop in centre with all her gears on the second Thursday of every month and offers free haircuts to our delighted patrons. Her impact is simply amazing! Plus, it offers yet another opportunity to engage with our friends through conversations. People like to share their stories and point of views on various topics while their getting their hair cut. For Jamey-Lee it is an eye-opening experience. She is very much appreciated by the Rosies family.

Some students and teachers joined our outreaches as part of our Student Engagement Program. As such a group of students from Iona College in Wynnum visited our branch in Cairns and took part to the local outreach with their teachers despite it was school holiday. They could have been involved in some more ludic activities over this period, but instead they chose to be present with Rosies in the midst of our friends on the street in Cairns.

In Brisbane our coordinator Sarah was invited for morning tea at the Delamore Retirement Community. Sarah explained what Rosies was all about to the residents who were thrilled to have a look at the van. Our coordinator also broke up a few stereotypes about homelessness. Earlier residents held a craft stall and raised some funds to support Rosies and our many friends on the street. Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity.