Easter is a time when Christians remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made dying on the cross for us and the life he gives through his resurrection. His Spirit empowers his followers to restore each person their dignity and the knowledge that they are truly valued for who they are.  Today, Rosies – founded by the Oblates – continues to support those most in need within our communities; an aspiration that our patron saint, St Eugene de Mazenod inspired. This year is the 200th anniversary, 1816-2016 of our Oblates. We would like to invite you to celebrate with us by joining in a day of contemplation. So please take a moment with us on St Eugene’s feast day on Saturday, 21 May 2016. Contemplative action, at its simplest, is about taking the time to reflect before taking positive action… a day that we hope will inspire you to reflect upon the deep connection between contemplative life and our mission.  Take a moment, share a thought, and then act with Rosies and our many friends within our community.
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