A few outreaches ago we met Cahala, also known as ‘Masterpiece you’ – the title of one of his poems. The artist has been homeless for the past five years. He often recalls Canberra and its sub-zero temperatures during winter 2013. The cold did not hold his contemplative mind.
“I believe that we are all masterpieces, including amoeba, grasshoppers and even Ivan Milat. The only significant differences between humans is how we present ourselves…our curation of ourselves each day…indeed each moment.”
Cahala grew up in the country near Toowoomba. His dad was an academic and a farmer. As a poet to be, he undertook a degree in Business at QUT (QIT back then). He graduated and owned a small business for 11 years on the Gold Coast until his marriage broke down.
“I’ve not had any contact whatsoever for the last 5 years with my kids who are now 22 and 18. I am so looking forward to seeing them again sometime.”
Our friend has been roaming since then. Cahala fuels his inspiration with the environment that surrounds him.
“While the artificial world is far far more corrupted and hijacked by huge money interests most people grasp…our natural world is also far, far more awesome, more powerful and more beautiful than most people grasp also. Our mission is to focus on 5 things I believe… truth seeking, love, compassion, forgiveness and smelling the plural of flower…and then we may have a revolution between our ears and within our heart.”