Rosies Chairman John ScobleChristmas is not looking very good to Jane, featured in our Summer newsletter. I’m glad I’m not in her shoes. I’m also glad that our Rosies volunteers are out most nights providing a little bit of community spirit and cheer to Jane and those like her. As my mother used to say often “There but for the grace of God go I”.

This festive season is also about New Year’s celebrations and often, new resolutions. Change, as they say, is one of the constants in life. As you may be aware, there are many changes happening within our society, including our social services and the not for profit sector. Whilst Rosies is not directly impacted by the changes to government programs and funding, we are being dramatically affected by some of the flow-on affects to our many friends.

Rosies Board and Senior Management recently held a one day Strategic Planning workshop. This planning has been informed by in-depth interviews and surveys with key stakeholders, including many of our active volunteers. More will follow. Rosies is alive and well, with lots of energy and enthusiasm for not only our current outreach, but for investigating additional ways of reaching those socially isolated members in the community. Our sub-committees are fine-tuning each of the key areas identified in our planning. We hope to share this with you, our broader Rosies family in the New Year.

In the meantime, may you all have a happy and holy Christmas.

John Scoble,
Rosies Board Chair