cairns-friends-on-the-street-webHannah Walker, Social Justice Leader and Year 12 at the Cairns State High School shared her experience with Rosies. Her insight was published in the Cairns Post…

“I recently volunteered with Rosies and it was an amazing experience. The most profound experience I had was being able to create connection. Rosies has taught me that human connection is the most precious gift of all.”
Hannah was on outreach with her friend Christina when one of our friends on the street approached them with a smile to simply thank them for being there.

“God bless you. I think it’s great what you do and I really appreciate it.”
We tend to forget how the simplest things in life can truly impact others.

“That night, we had a powerful purpose. I really felt connection could change lives. An act of kindness, a word of gratitude or even starting with a smile can make a world of difference. Helping out Rosies has become a valued Cairns State High School tradition for our senior leaders to be invovled in.”