Rosies volunteers

Jon Martlew (second from left) and his team of Rosies volunteers with Kathryn Gorton (far right) of Guides Queensland

World Chief Guide and founder of the guiding movement, Lady Olave Baden-Powell once said, ‘It is not what you have but what you give that brings happiness.’

On Saturday evening May 17 Toowoomba Branch Coordinator Jon Martlew took a team of Rosies volunteers and a fully stocked van to the Yellaloo Guide Hut.

The team were there to provide a barbecue dinner and some hot Milo to Girl Guides from the Guides Queensland Darling Downs region who slept outside in the cold as part of their ‘Chain of Cardboard Cities’ fundraising event.

22 Guides aged from 8 to 14 participated in the event to raise funds to assist homeless people in the Toowoomba area.

The girls slept outdoors in cardboard boxes to get a feel for what it’s like for a person sleeping rough – and the weather pitched in to help with a little rain overnight, leading to some soggy shelters!

One lucky girl had the opportunity to sleep in a Backpack Bed overnight to see the difference a warm dry shelter can make to a person without a roof over their head.

‘We drew a lucky number to select the Guide who would have the chance to sleep in the Backpack Bed for the night,’ said Jon.

‘The girl who won the draw had brought her own sleeping bag for the night – so she gave the opportunity to another girl she felt needed it more.’

‘We thought her generosity was just so special – if these girls are our future leaders, I think the place is in good hands.’

Guides set up their boxes

Guides setting up their cardboard boxes, with Rosies volunteer Margaret Battle heading over to help.

Rosies Training and Development Manager Cat Milton also attended to talk with the girls about homelessness and how people can help.

‘Young people can sometimes grasp abstract concepts so much more quickly than adults,’ said Cat.

‘The girls understood intuitively the value of friendship to a person’s self esteem and resilience, and were able to suggest ways they could assist people who are homeless in ways which are both practically and emotionally supportive.’

Funds raised from the event will be donated to Rosies to support operations in Toowoomba.


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