Andrew O'Brien, General Manager

My favourite tuckshop lunch at school growing up (in chilly Toowoomba) was a hot mince roll. Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a number of school groups and it struck me that Rosies is a bit like school tuckshop.
You line up and have a chat with a friend as you wait.
You are served by a volunteer – somebody’s mum or dad.
You sit down in random spaces with whoever’s company you like.
Some days are hot and sweaty, some are cold and windy.
Some kids are on their own and some the centre of attention.
Sound familiar? Of course a major difference on a Rosies outreach is that those who line up don’t have $5 or $10 to spend … today or tomorrow.
They may also not have a warm bed to sleep in after. Most of all they may have no one other than a volunteer to share their day’s activities, joys and worries.
Because our volunteers are part of a regular team they have become friends on the street, not just random passers-by. Friendship is better than a hot mince roll but they go well together.
Thanks again for your support this winter.

Andrew O’Brien
Rosies General Manager